Charlotte Wickham

Mysterious frail looking woman




born on 76th of Spring, in the year 475 A.O.V., in Cobble (near Flint)

father: Barnaby Wickham, police lieutenant CPD (Cobble Police Department)
mother: Carlotta Wickham, née Balboa, local artist

Cobble elementary school
Flint school for talented girls

Following her father’s example, Charlotte wanted to take up a profession in which she could fight evil forces. Even though this bears a high risk to loose one’s life, proven by her father, who died on duty. Stabbed and left to die at a warehouse, when guarding possessions of the Royal Railroad Company. The official explanation hinted to fey saboteurs, who had been causing trouble earlier, but the case was never closed. Charlotte’s mother died of grief soon after. Charlotte was 17 at the time.

Charlotte Wickham

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