Irene Watson

Small determined looking young woman


Family Background
born to parents
Reginald Watson, Esq. (deceased)
Henrietta Watson, née Defarge (deceased)
Watson & Bounderby
Timber Mill
1-5 Timbermill Street

- Bale Private Educational Institute (A grades)
- Bale Lyceum for Higher Education (A+ grades)
- Flint RHC Academy (summa cum laude)

Other points worth mentioning
Orphaned at the age of 13, when family mansion got attacked by a force of renegade timber workers. Both parents perished in the resulting blaze. Rescued by an RHC task force. Taken into custody by father’s partner, Josuah Bounderby, Esq. at Bale.
Attended RHC Academy for studies in criminalistics and forensics. Main topics:

  • Consultation & advising
  • Interrogation
  • Investigation
  • Public relations

Irene Watson

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