Royal Homeland Constabulary

Located in Central District, the Flint branch of the RHC has one primary headquarters building, plus three satellite buildings containing libraries, laboratories, and more supplies and offices. The main headquarters has two floors, plus a basement for captured suspects. The jail has only twice reached capacity in the past thirty years. Most rooms have gas-lit lamps either along the walls of in recesses in the ceiling.


First Floor.
1. Entrance. At least two guards are on duty at all times.
2. Lower Hallway.
3. Western Stairwell.
4. Eastern Stairwell.
5. Interrogation Rooms.
6. Quartermaster Office.
7. General Supplies. Door locked. Only quartermaster can access.
8. Evidence. Door locked. Requires paperwork to access.
9. Secretary Pool.
10. Guard Room. Each room typically has another two guards.
11. Morgue.

Second Floor.
12. Inspector’s Desks.
13. Delft’s Office.
14. Support Offices.
15. Break Room.
16. Upper Hallway.
17. Saxby’s Office.


18. Holding Cells. At least two guards are on duty at all times.
19. Magic Cells. Spellcasters are kept here. The cells are enchanted to function like mage cuffs; any attempt to use magical powers sounds an alarm and does 2d6 damage to the prisoner. A golden ward also blocks teleportation and summoning. Two columns glow with pale white light, which grants everyone within 30 feet resistance 10 against all energy types.

Royal Homeland Constabulary

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